The fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda is a task that includes governments, administrations, companies, social organisations and, above all, people. If you are interested in participating in the construction of a planet where freedom, justice, equal opportunities and care for nature are a reality, participate, because together, we are more.


Major donors such as your company, are offered the possibility of boosting productivity, competitiveness, loyalty, teamwork, attracting and retaining talent, pride in belonging and the social impact of the activity they carry out for a minimum contribution of 25,000 euros per year, which will be allocated entirely to one of the projects of its choice, involving important prerogatives.

From a minimum contribution of 25,000 Euros per year the Partner will receive the following Benefits:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate that will help it to improve its reputation, legitimacy, visibility, expectations and add value to its sales, among other things
  • A 35% Corporate Tax deduction due to the certificate issued by Poweful Reasons.
  • Powerful Reasons will help your company to strengthen its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan. Your company will have available all the information related to the different programmes we develop so that it can integrate and disseminate said information under its corporate communications policy.
  • We offer employees and their families a preferential option of participating actively in each of the projects carried out by Powerful Reasons, facilitating interaction with beneficiaries and participants.
  • The Company name will be displayed in all the media Powerful Reasons uses. The brand and logo of the Company will be disseminated both on the organisation's social media and in our corporate documents.
  • Networking: Powerful Reasons cooperates with leading companies in a wide variety of sectors, both nationally and internationally. By collaborating with Powerful Reasons, your company will have the option of joining our alliances, which will allow it to share business ideas and establish commercial ties with entities that have a magnificent reputation.


If you are interested in learning about the work we do so we invite you to participate in any of our activities in the way you choose. You can contribute knowledge, time, motivation, experience even financially support.


Do you work in an administration or public entity, have you seen any of our projects and are interested in replicating it in your community? Get in touch with us and we will help you.


Level 1


per year

Logo Position

Your logo will appear on the 3rd line of sponsors in our website.

Level 2


per year

Logo Position

Your logo will appear on the 2nd line of sponsors in our website.

Level 3


per year

Logo Position

Your logo will appear on the 1st line of sponsors in our website.